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The Responsible Cashmere Standard


are at the core of L&F supply chain.
At Lora & Festa responsible sourcing is an essential part of the production process. For generations we have built unique and intimate relationships and partnerships with small local cashmere headers.
Today, we have developed The Responsible Cashmere Standard that aims to improve the welfare of cashmere goats, the lives of farmers and farming communities, and the environment in which they live. We did it with the help of Control Union, an independent leading certification authority, because no standard existed in our industry. It is an open source standard that we would like to share with everyone in our industry, as sustainability should be a common goal and not a competitive advantage.
As a result, we are able to ensure our cashmere quality and traceability. Even though, today we don’t yet comply 100% with our own standard, it’s our goal to get there as soon as possible.



Our luxury cashmere yarn is exclusively sourced from Inner Mongolia high plateau region and it comes from the traditionally herded Hircus goats. The rigid climate of the region induces them to grow a very soft, warm and almost impalpable undercoat of fibers that are in between 15 and 16 microns in diameter and equal or greater than 38 millimeters in length. 

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The absence in the certification world of a scheme certifying Cashmere, led us to develop the LORA & FESTA RESPONSIBLE CASHMERE STANDARD: an independent third party checks the supply chain according to a set of rules and issues a certificate.
The Lora & Festa Responsible Cashmere Standard features the following aspects:


Our standard covers the most important indicators to ensure humane treatment of animals and sustainable management of the land of cashmere farms.

Therefore, it is divided into four modules:
Animal Welfare (AW)
Land Management (LM)
Internal Control System (ICS)
Chain of Custody (CoC)


Our supply chain actors are audited on an annual basis to verify their compliance to the Lora & Festa Responsible Cashmere Standard.


Individual reports are written for every audited unit.


After establishing the Lora & Festa Responsible Cashmere Standard, the periodical revision of the program ensures ongoing improvements on the animal welfare, land management, internal control system and chain of custody indicators.

Communication to the Supply chain

We communicate to our supply chain actors the need to comply with the Lora & Festa Responsible Cashmere Standard. While each factory is responsible for its own compliance, the ICS Manager will ensure compliance at farm level.



We want to drive positive change in cashmere production. Lora & Festa Responsible Cashmere Standard aims at giving specific guidelines on good and sustainable practices on the Cashmere goats farming and breeding.
Sustainability, transparency and traceability are three increasingly important drivers for the purchase decisions of consumers across the globe. Lora & Festa Responsible Cashmere Standard allows our clients to make a positive claim substantiated by an official certification on the products they sell.

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