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Design and Technology

Color technology and design is maintained by experts in Italy.  Lora & Festa continues to invest funding and resources into R&D advanced technologies through co-operations with Ph.D. teams in international university research centers.

Lora & Festa NanoCashmere®

Tradition accompanied by research and new pioneering technologies, such as Nanotechnology, with the purpose of producing quality specialist cashmere yarns catering for the evolving needs of today’s luxury market.

The NanoCashmere® technology is based on water repelling and cleansing properties of certain plants. Cashmere fibers are protected thanks to Nanotechnology at a molecular level. This structure is applied to the yarn to give it waterproof and stainproof properties as well as fiber durability without the use of heavy chemicals to achieve the same goals.

R&D Design and Technology Lora & Festa