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Production Chain

The exclusive Lora & Festa production chain follows the highest international standards and combines the following steps:

Pre-processing / Cleansing from the gross part of the fleece / Dyeing / Blending / Spinning and Carding / Twisting / Uniformity test.

Lora & Festa produces a luxury final product; uniformity of the yarn, unique softness, Italian ‘know how’ and the use of fine and very soft carded yarns.

All raw cashmere yarn comes from the Alashan region, which is part of Chinese Mongolia, and we follow each step of production in strictest compliance with international standards. ‘Know-how’, tradition, finest materials and technology blend together, to give us the highest quality noble fiber yarns available on international markets.

Production Chain Lora & Festa


Lora & Festa production processes are managed by avant-garde technology and sophisticated information systems.

Logistics Lora & Festa