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The house of Lora & Festa dates back to 1885 and is rare in its unique quality and unbroken family heritage for over 5 generations.  Strategically headquartered in Hong Kong since 2011 with another office in Shanghai, and representative offices in Italy, France, New York, and Japan, Lora & Festa is in the unique position of being able to source its ultra luxurious noble fibers from around the world and is one of the leading purchasers of cashmere globally.

Originally based within the picturesque pine clad Italian alpine village of Quarona, north west of Milan, brothers Ottavio and Severino Lora founded a vertical wool mill in 1885 known as Fratelli Lora. By 1917 it was converted into a worsted spinning mill processing imported wool to supply yarn to the Italian domestic market. Then in1926 the company become known as Lora & Festa, headed by Ottavio's son Alfredo Lora and brother in law Giacomino Festa Bianchet.  After WW2, the next generation of Lora & Festa took the helm, led by Giacomino’s son Ottavio Festa Bianchet, and expanded into continental Europe. While investing in new machinery, adapting to evolving customer tastes, Lora & Festa became an Italian SpA.  The 5th generation saw the emergence of Giacomo Festa Bianchet in the 1970’s and Edoardo Festa Bianchet in the 1990’s with an entry into the world’s luxury markets. In 2001, Edoardo established Lora & Festa in Hong Kong and lay the foundations for a global business platform out of Asia for the Lora & Festa brand.

 Lora & Festa history