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Classic Collection

Classic Collection

Classical style as value

The key elements of the Classic collection are beauty and comfort. Thanks to Lora & Festa’s exclusive cashmere yarn technology, unique and valuable garments come to life, confirming the rigorous attention placed on quality, tradition, and processes. The quality of every detail is guaranteed for years to come.

Rain and Stain protection

Nanocashmere<sup class='sup2'>®</sup><br><span>Rain and Stain protection</span>

Precious avant-garde

An avant-garde cashmere collection, Nanocashmere®, blends a refined and luxurious style with cutting edge technology. Nanocashmere® creates fabrics that are water and stain proof, without modifying other features, such as the hand feel and breathability, delivering long-term results. Nanostructures, designed to repel liquids are inserted into the cashmere fibers at laboratory level mimicking the repelling and cleansing properties of certain plants. This highly innovative process gives Nanocashmere® the features of:

  • waterproof, rain and snow protection;
  • easy washing;
  • quick drying;
  • less sensitive to dry-cleaner treatments; and
  • more resistant to pilling.

Lora & Festa Nanocashmere® is for people who enjoy outdoor activities, such as golf, sailing, skiing, and are looking for protection and comfort without renouncing style.

Cashmere Machine Washable and Tumble dry

EASYCAshmeRE<sup>TM</sup><br><span>Cashmere Machine Washable and Tumble dry</span>

100% Cashmere Machine Washable Total Easy Care (WS)

This innovative 100% Cashmere yarn is part of Lora & Festa’s constant commitment to create new and cutting edge Cashmere products.
EASYCAshmeRETM yarn is easy-care and easy-wear, fulfilling consumers desire for easy and practical garments which complement their increasingly busy lifestyles, without losing the typical softness of this sought after noble fiber.

Product knitted with the EASYCAshmeRETM yarn can be hand or machine washed at 40°C/104F max. and tumble dried on low heat.


  • Permanent treatment withstands multiple machine washes
  • Specified products can be tumble dried
  • Garment retains shape and “as new” appearance
  • No colour change or colour bleeding during washing
  • Comfortable and luxurious handle
  • Improves pilling resistance